Bike Welcome

in the Dombes

What is the “Bike Welcome” label?

Passing through our area? You can ride along the Cyclodombes route (between Chatillon-sur-Chalaronne and Villars-les-Dombes) which is part of the “Bike Welcome” route.

This national brand, developed by the France Vélo Tourisme association, is also accessible to tourist accommodations, bike rental and repair services, and dining establishments.

The label guarantees quality service for traveling cyclists, including:

  • Proximity to a bike route (within 5 kilometers)
  • Access to suitable facilities: secure bike shelters, repair kits, etc.
  • Personalized information and advice
  • Services specifically designed for cyclists
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Bike ride in Dombes

Bike route in Dombes

Go on a bike ride along the small roads of the Dombes: 32 km between Châtillon-sur-Chalaronne and Villars-les-Dombes (round trip).
Along the ride, discover landscapes representative of the Dombes with ponds (fish farming and hunting), fields, woods, and meadows.
The route takes little-used rural paths.

Don’t forget your binoculars, you’ll surely spot some beautiful birds by the ponds!

Suitable for hybrid bikes and mountain bikes (paved roads with some gravel sections)

Cyclodombes Route

Direction Chatillon → Villars - Parc des Oiseaux

Step 1

From the Tourist Office, follow the Champ de Foire on the right and reach avenue Clément Desormes.
Turn right, then immediately left, onto rue Pasteur.
Go up rue Pasteur, cross the Pasteur bridge (over the Chalaronne), and turn left onto rue Barrit.
At the end of rue Barrit, turn right towards Sandrans for 200m, then take the small road on the left, route de Grobon.

Step 2

Continue straight on route de Grobon, pass the Prés Gaudet ponds, and leave the town.
Stay on this road until it forks.
At the fork, go left and pass the Colombier gîte.
At the next intersection, turn left (route de Chalamont), then the first right, route des Moulins des Champs – La Côte.
Continue straight on this road, pass Les Petites Vannières, and reach the intersection with the departmental road D27.

Step 3

Cross the departmental road and continue straight to the next intersection (Moissonnet – Etang Brouille).
Turn right and continue straight at the fork.
Join route des Gavignons and continue straight to the Révérend locality.

Step 4

Join the departmental road D2, turn left towards Villars les Dombes.
Enter Villars les Dombes and cross the railway, heading for the town center.
Take rue du Commerce to the Place de l’Hôtel de Ville and pass in front of the church.
Immediately after the church, turn right, Place de Verdun, then left onto rue Marcel Paul Duperrier.
Pass the community hall.
At the end of the street, turn left (rue de la Dombes), then left again to reach the sports fields.
Cross the parking lots towards the fields, cross the Chalaronne on a small bridge, and take the dirt path on the left (sentier Pierre Poivre).

Step 5

Follow the Pierre Poivre path to the Turlet pond (ENS).
Turn left and cross the departmental road D1083 on foot, then take the path that borders the road on the right.
Follow the Parc des Oiseaux and when the path ends, turn left to arrive at the Parc des Oiseaux parking lot.

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Bike welcome in Dombes

Link route

from the Tourist Office to the Ain à vélo and CycloDombes routes

The bike ride route

Starting point

Châtillon-sur-Chalaronne or Villars-les-Dombes


32 km

Approximate time



100% paved

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