Observation des OiseauxObservation des oiseaux à la longue-vue dans un observatoire
©Observation des oiseaux à la longue-vue dans un observatoire|Claire Curt

The Observatories

in Dombes

Places Dedicated to Bird Watching

It can be challenging to know which pond to visit for bird watching in Dombes. Most of the 1200 ponds are private property, so it is not always easy to know where to go to enjoy and discover the many species that inhabit Dombes.

Fortunately, several observatories have been created in Dombes.
Today, these are places entirely dedicated to the observation and discovery of birds.

These observatories are on 5 ponds classified as Sensitive Natural Areas of Dombes, accessible 24/7.


Observation à l'Etang PreleObservation à l'Etang Prele
©Observation à l'Etang Prele|Carine Montet

Where to Observe Birds

in Dombes ?

Where to Find the Observatories in Dombes?

Walking Routes to the Observatories

Are you looking for hiking trails in Dombes along the ponds?
Here are 4 walking routes to discover the observatories!