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A tasty escape in Dombes

French people are not so special for eating snails but also for loving succulent frog legs. This particular recipe is born in Dombes, where you could some years ago fish the frogs in the beautiful pond landscape. Even the frogs are not mainly present in Dombes anymore; this so traditional dish is on the most of the menu of the restaurants. But not only, Dombes is a destination for “gourmet” and epicureans.

You know usually Dombes for its way to cook frog legs but you will come back for its carp, pike, and other perch ... During autumn and winter, you will be amazed by the way they are fished… At sunrise, you are invited to admire fishers in the cold of mist settle the nets…according to several centuries’ tradition, creeping into the ponds…

And then, you will not only taste the fish for lunch but also remember where it this particular experience of a French living way… Because the way to cook and share those fishmeal’s is a part of the Dombes traditions… And then, you don’t have to like fish to taste the Dombes.

Nearby Bresse country land, you have to try and taste Chicken of Bresse one’s in your life! The only “AOP”, a protect designation of origin! But Dombes got also is famous chicken and you would compare the famous white one with the farmer “Prince of Dombes”.

A promised land for gastronomes

In the Dombes, enjoy carefully hearty prepared dishes with this ancestral know how ! For instance, the Dombes is among the hundred Outstanding Sites of Taste. This distinction is crowning the thousand ponds region for its cultural, tourism and gourmet resources. To make your mouth watering, here is a few local specialties to discover both in famous chefs’ and in promising characteristic restaurants : 

  • Frogs : cooked with butter, chopped parsley and garlic, they are making La Dombes one the most famous French touch places.

  • Pond fishes : Taste delicious fillets, terrines or smoked pieces.

  • Water game : how sublimated taste by restaurant owners creativity !


Enjoy Dombes dishes in our restaurants