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villars les Dombes

A destination for history ...

Daniel Gillet / Avenir Dombes Saône

Ponds origin

Back to the eleventh century, some beggars developed the Dombes to create the first fish ponds by taming wetlands. Then, the increasing number of ponds had to meet the growing up demand of fresh water fish. Ponds are fulfilled with rain and runoff water, and also with water coming from surrounding ponds. Thanks to a perfectly mastered process, pits and canals, upper ponds water fulfills lower ponds, so that water, precious resource, is perfectly used. Respect for traditions and practices is playing a large part in the Dombes unique character. Today, 1,200 ponds are maintained and run respecting these secular traditions.


An outstanding heritage

The Dombes is not only ponds as far as the eye can see, it is also a very huge historic past that is now offering a harmonious heritage. Churches, castles, towers and historic red brick walled houses are part of this beautiful landscape. Take time to discover the cities of Châtillon-sur-Chalaronne with its fantastic medieval architecture, Saint-André-le-Bouchoux with its roman church or even Sandrans with the tower and remains of its feudal castle.Should you not miss anything, just get guided by the Dombes route !


    Daniel Gillet / Avenir Dombes Saône

 The Dombes is offering treasures : let’s discover them !