The Festival Cuivres en Dombes

From July 4 to 27, 2024

The Festival Cuivres en Dombes is a summer must-see with a high-quality and diverse artistic program: jazz, classical, funk, chanson, and world music to appeal to a wide audience.

From July 4 to 27, 2024, enjoy 25 brass concerts in village centers or castles.

These evenings are meant to be experienced with family or friends.

Cuivres en Dombes

The Must-Attend Festival

Let yourself be surprised!

In July, the Dombes region resonates with numerous concerts. In 2024, enjoy 20 free concert-apéros in village centers; 5 prestigious evenings in exceptional heritage sites, including one world premiere.
The Festival Cuivres en Dombes promises an accessible, rich, and eclectic program, open to everyone.

An essential cultural and artistic event, the Festival Cuivres en Dombes has been promoting artistic excellence for nearly 30 years by inviting internationally renowned artists.

A unifying project, the Festival is an eco-event that brings together more than 9,000 festival-goers and 100 volunteers each year. It actively contributes to the fame of the Dombes region and highlights its historical, built, and gastronomic heritage.

In July 2024

The Festival Cuivres en Dombes opens its doors in July with a diverse and festive program.
On the menu there are 25 concerts, including 20 free in village centers and 5 evening concerts in heritage sites.

Each year, the festival mobilizes numerous partners and a hundred volunteers, all essential to its success. A cultural project always in development, a warm moment creating social and human connections, the Festival gathers far beyond the cultural circle. Public and private partners, patrons, artists, and volunteers participate in a project serving a territory.

Teaser - Festival Cuivres en Dombes 2024
Teaser - Festival Cuivres en Dombes 2024
Teaser - Festival Cuivres en Dombes 2024

What is Cuivres en Dombes?

It is not just a Brass Festival, it is also:

  • An itinerant music festival
  • 25 concerts in July
  • 20 free concert-apéros with street brass bands, brass ensembles, jazz, chanson… all styles to discover
  • 5 heritage concerts: an international and accessible program in a heritage setting
  • A bio and/or local food and drink offer at all show sites
  • Friendly sharing moments, thousands of smiles

Evening Concerts

Cuivres en Dombes

Free concert-apéros

Cuivres en Dombes

Why participate ?

Discover exceptional artists
Experience unique moments
Discover the heritage of the Dombes

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