Goujonnettes de Carpe du restaurant Oh BouchouxGoujonnettes de Carpe du restaurant Oh Bouchoux
©Goujonnettes de Carpe du restaurant Oh Bouchoux |Corinne Bertrand

Les Poissons de Dombes ®

From the pond to the plate, there are a thousand and one ways to enjoy Poissons de Dombes ®!

A typical dish

from the Dombes

Whether in goujonettes, rillettes, tartare, nuggets, or stuffed, carp never ceases to amaze!

Present in the ponds since their origin, carp comes in a multitude of recipes. Often shunned by the general public, Dombes restaurateurs are dedicated to enhancing its flavor and promoting the emblematic fish of the Dombes.

Many food lovers have changed their minds about carp after tasting it in the Dombes!

Enjoy Poissons de Dombes ®, which guarantees quality, 100% local dishes that adhere to strict specifications and support the Dombes fish farming sector.

Our tips for savoring them

Book in advanceat a Dombes restaurant
Invite your loved ones
Enjoy a 100% local product

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