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Bozonnières Ponds Circuit

in Bouligneux

Circuit for a walk in the Dombes along the ponds

An easy and pleasant walk to discover the ponds of the Dombes and its birdlife.

A short walk, ideal for families, exclusively on asphalt. Along the walk, discover landscapes representative of the Dombes with many ponds (fish farming and hunting), fields, woods, and meadows. For the more patient with binoculars, discover the iconic birds of the Dombes.

Bouligneux Circuit

Accessible to strollers and bikes

7 km walk in Dombes

Starting from the Bouligneux church parking lot.

Step 1

Head towards Villars-les-Dombes and quickly reach a crossroads with a cross.
Turn left towards the Petite Bozonnière Pond. On the left is Bouligneux Castle and its pond. Go to the crossroads in front of the pond.

Step 2

Turn right towards the Neuf Pond. Follow this path, pass through the hamlet of Angenière, go along the Neuf Pond, and reach a new crossroads with a post.

Step 3

Turn left towards the Grande Bozonnière Pond.
Continue straight, pass between the Forêt Pond and the Moguet Pond, and reach a four-way crossroads.

Step 4

Turn left and go along the Forêt Pond. Arrive between the Fretay Pond and the Petite Bozonnière Pond, enjoy the panorama of both ponds, and return to the Petite Bozonnière Pond crossroads passed earlier.

Step 5

Retrace your steps to return to the parking lot in front of Bouligneux church.
Point of caution: the start of the walk runs along a departmental road for about 100m.

The walking route

Starting point

Parking du village


7 km

Approximate time



Easy – 100% asphalt

Suitable for strollers and bikes