Circuit de balade proche de Lyon en pleine naturecircuit de balade à Chalamont dans la forêt de Chassagne
©Sur le circuit de balade à Chalamont|Michael Zeilfelder
Walk in Dombes

Circuit Bois de Chassagne

Walking Circuit in Dombes

Go hiking in the heart of nature in Chalamont, through the Chassagne woods. The circuit takes you on many dirt paths in the forest and some paved sections. Along the way, you will see several ponds, a few typical farms, the church of Chalamont, and the site of the former Chassagne Abbey in Crans.
Enjoy the beautiful landscapes offered by the hilly side of the Dombes.

This circuit is also suitable for mountain biking. Be cautious during hunting season (September to March).

Walk in Chalamont

Accessible by Mountain Bike

15 km Walk
The starting point is at Place du 19 mars 1962.

Step 1
Exit the parking lot and cross the departmental road. Go around the cemetery, then at the intersection, continue to the right. At the exit of Chalamont, continue straight until you reach l’étang de l’écluse. Go around this pond by taking the dirt path on the left.

Step 2
At the Le Grand Marais signpost, turn right. At the intersection, turn right until the path turns into a paved road. Follow this road to the departmental road, cross it, and continue straight. In the Montessuy hamlet, go straight on taking the dirt road. At the La Froidière signpost, take the path to the left towards Crans. Cross the small stream, then turn right and continue in the Chassagne forest. At the exit of the forest, turn right.

Step 3
At the L’abattiale signpost, turn left towards Crans following the paved road. Stay on the left and continue to the hamlet of Montbuisson.
At the intersection of several paths, take the small uphill path C209 (Chemin de la Forêt). Continue straight: the paved road turns into a dirt path, then it reaches another paved road D129 (Route de Montbuisson). Turn left.

Step 4
At the directional signpost, continue straight, then at the Le Folliet signpost, take the dirt path to the left towards l’étang des Gouttes. Follow this path through the Chassagne forest to the étang des Gouttes at the exit of the forest.
At the Étang des Gouttes signpost, turn left and follow the road to the departmental road D904. Cross it and walk on the wide grassy strip.

Step 5
At the Le Malepalud signpost, turn right. Walk first along the Malepalud pond, then follow the dirt path to the hamlet of Lentet. Continue on the dirt path, staying on the left. A beautiful view of the Chassagne pond opens up to you. A little further on the right, a second beautiful view of the Boland pond. Continue straight along the Argotières pond and join the departmental road D93.

Step 6
At the Les Peillets signpost, turn left towards Chalamont and continue on the departmental road D93 for about 400m. Take the dirt path to the left and continue straight to the Le Grand Marais signpost. This time, continue straight and return to Chalamont to reach the parking lot.

The Walking Route

Starting Point

Place du 19 mars à Chalamont


15.1 km

Approximate Time



Slight Elevation – 42% Asphalt