Circuit de Randonnée proche de Lyon en DombesFleurs blanche sur le circuit de randonnée en Dombes
©Circuit de balade à Mionnay Bois Des Pommes |Michael Zeilfelder

Circuit from bois des pommes to Sunday pond

Walk in Dombes

Walking Circuit near Lyon

Hiking in the nature of Mionnay, mixing dirt paths and forest trails.

At the start of the circuit, you will see a typical 19th-century Dombes castle and a nearby pond. If the weather is clear, you will enjoy breathtaking views of the Alps and Mont Blanc, as well as the Beaujolais hills.

Don’t forget your binoculars to observe the birds on the Étang Dimanche.

Walk in Mionnay

In Nature

7 km Walk in Dombes
Starting from the Mionnay train station

Step 1
Exit the parking lot, turn left, and cross the railway.
At the Polleteins signpost, turn right towards Bois Roux and follow the avenue of plane trees until the junction. Turn right and follow the road for about 700m.

Step 2
Enter Bois Calane and follow the dirt trail. Be cautious, as the path can be muddy when it rains. Continue on this trail until you exit the forest. On the right, you can see Étang Prarieux, and on the left, an equestrian center typical of the Dombes.

Step 3
At the Étang Calane signpost, continue straight towards Étang de Meaux (the pond no longer exists, it is now a place name), then a few meters further, continue straight again. The trail crosses Bois Roux. Be cautious, as this path can also be muddy when it rains. Upon exiting the woods, continue straight.
At the signpost, continue towards Étang de Meaux, then at the crossroads towards Ferme de Meaux, turn left and continue for about 200m.
At the Étang de Meaux signpost, take the dirt path to the left towards “Les Cabanes”. Follow this trail, which first runs along fields, then crosses Bois Roux.

Step 4
Continue straight until you exit the woods and turn right onto the paved road. Follow this road for about 400m, which then becomes a dirt path. Continue to the crossroads.
At the La Guicharde signpost, continue straight towards Étang Dimanche, then turn left. A hundred meters further, you will find Étang Dimanche. A bench allows you to rest and observe the birds.
Continue, leaving Polleteins Castle on your right.
Arrive again at the Polleteins signpost, and head back towards the station.

The Walking Route

Starting Point

Gare SNCF de Mionnay


7 km

Approximate Time



Easy – 30% Asphalt