Etang à Sainte OliveEtang à Sainte Olive
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Circuit of the Léchères pond

at Saint Paul de Varax

Walking Circuit in Dombes

Easy hike starting from the Domaine de la Dombes campsite with views of several ponds, groves, and fields. Along the route, a few signs introduce the painter Louis Jourdan and his works.

Circuit of Saint Paul

Accessible to strollers and bikes

8 km walk in Dombes
This hiking circuit takes you through fields and close to ponds, discovering the Dombes heritage.

Want more? Combine this circuit with the 11 ponds circuit in Saint Nizier-le-Désert. Enjoy a beautiful 5-hour, 20 km hike by the ponds.

Step 1
The starting point is at the Domaine de la Dombes parking lot

Leaving the parking lot, turn left towards the Neuf pond. Follow the road for about 400m, then continue straight at the intersection. On the left is the Neuf pond with a beautiful panorama. Cross the departmental road (D70b) and continue straight.

Step 2
At the Léchères Pond signpost, turn right towards Saint-Paul-de-Varax. At the next intersection, turn right onto the road that will pass through a small wood (Migeleine path). At the exit of the wood, a pond is on the right.

Step 3
At the La Sablonnière signpost, turn left towards Saint-Paul-de-Varax.
Continue straight to the village center with its church.

Step 4
At the Saint-Paul-de-Varax signpost, go around the church and take the kindergarten alley, then Rue du Vieux Jonc to the right. Leave Rue du Vieux Jonc to take the path and cross the green space. At the end of the path, turn right onto Rue des Frères Lumières.

Step 5
At the edge of a wood, take the small path to the right (former path of Saint Nizier) and continue straight for about 1 km.
Arriving at the Chemin de Vacquant, turn left and follow the road.
On the left is a pond, a little further the road passes by a typical farm.

At the intersection, turn left and return to the parking lot.

The Walking Route

Starting Point

Parking du Domaine de la Dombes


8,1 km

Approximate Time



No difficulty – 90% paved