Berges Fleuries de Chatillon sur ChalaronneCircuit De Chatillon Berges Fleuries
©Ponts fleuris de Chatillon et vue sur le restaurant la Gourmandine|Michael Zeilfelder

From the Medieval Town to the Arboretum


Walking tour in Dombes

Discover the medieval town of Châtillon-sur-Chalaronne and its surroundings: passing through the alleys of the Middle Ages and the castle, you will discover the natural area of Prés Gaudet to reach the Relevant Valley, before arriving at the Arboretum.

Circuit of Châtillon-sur-Chalaronne

Accessible to strollers and mountain bikes

12 km of walking
The departure is from the Tourism Pavilion, Place du Champ de Foire.

Step 1
Proceed towards Place du Champ de Foire. Follow the promenade lined with plane trees.
At the bottom of the square, cross Avenue Clément Desormes to reach the town hall.

Step 2
Continue straight on Place de l’Hôtel de Ville, then turn right onto Rue Alphonse Baudin.
At the crossroads, turn left towards the church.

Step 3
Once past the church and the market halls, turn right onto Rue Philibert Collet, towards Relevant, until you reach Rue Pasteur.
Turn left and cross the Chalaronne to arrive at Place Saint-Vincent-de-Paul. Turn right and follow Rue Johnson.

Step 4
At the Châtillon-sur-Chalaronne sign, turn left towards Château de Châtillon-sur-Chalaronne and follow the path.
At the intersection, take the path that goes up to the old castle and walk around the ramparts.
Descend back to Place Saint-Vincent-de-Paul via Impasse des Remparts and take Rue Barrit to the right.
Continue for about 100 meters before taking the passage on the left.

Step 5
Follow this passage and cross the Chalaronne again, then on Place des Halles turn right and follow Rue Victor Hugo. Pass under Porte de Villars, then take Impasse du Parc to arrive at Clos Janin.
Cross the Chalaronne and turn left until you reach Route de Sandrans.

Step 6
Cross at the pedestrian crossing and continue straight on Rue des Peupliers.
Follow the Chalaronne to reach the protected area of Prés Gaudet.
At the pond, take the path to the right and walk around the pond.
Go straight to the grove, then left to return to the Chalaronne and follow it.

Step 7
At the bridge (post Prés Gaudet), turn right up the Montée de Buenand. Cross Route de Grobon then D2 and continue on the dirt road.
At the end of the road (post Thiboloup), turn left and continue on this road for about 2 km.
Shortly after crossing the Relevant (post Relevant Nord), take the dirt road to the right to the place called Les Rodets.

Step 8
Turn right, then after about 100 meters, take the dirt road to the left. At the hamlet, turn right, then right again onto Chemin Champs de la Ville. Follow this road to the intersection with Chemin de Chanterelle, then turn right.

Step 9
At post Chantepoulet, turn left towards the arboretum. At the parking lot, turn left to enter the botanical area. Follow the path straight, then right. Continue to the pond and walk around it to the right. On the other side of the pond, turn right to exit the arboretum. Continue straight on the path.

Step 10
Leave the subdivision on the right, always following the path which then turns into a paved road. At the end of this road, turn right and go down the boulevard. Take Rue Pierre Jéme to the left and cross the Chalaronne. Then turn right onto Avenue Maréchal Foch, cross Rue Gambetta and follow Avenue Clément Desormes to Place du Champ de Foire. Go up to the Tourism Pavilion by taking the promenade surrounded by plane trees.

The walking


Starting point

Place du Champ de Foire


12 km

Temps approximatif



Medium difficulty – 63% paved