La Tour Du Plantay DombesLa Tour Du Plantay Dombes
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La Tour du Plantay

Walk in Dombes

Walking Circuit in Dombes

Immerse yourself in the heart of Dombes nature for a day where heritage blends with gastronomy.

Walk through fields, undergrowth, and along ponds, with views of the Bugey and Mont Blanc. On the route, discover the Tour du Plantay (not open to the public), a remnant of the Plantay Castle burned down in 1460 by the Duke of Bourbon’s troops.

This short walk, mixing dirt paths and small paved roads, takes about an hour and a half and is ideal for whetting your appetite!

Tower Circuit

Accessible by Strollers and Bikes

6.5 km Walk in Dombes
Departure from the Randonneurs parking lot in the commune of Le Plantay.

Step 1
Exit the parking lot and turn left onto route de la Tour, towards Grimaudy – Les Crêtes.
On the right, along the Étang du Grand Châtel, you can see the Tour du Plantay, the only remaining part of the castle.
At the next junction, turn right, leave the route de la tour and continue first on the road, then on a dirt path.

Step 2
After exiting the grove, at the Le Jonc signpost, continue right on the path. Follow along the Étang Grand Béron, visible on the right from the circuit.
At the Les Échaillays signpost, turn left towards Le Perret and continue on the dirt path.

Step 3
At the Bois de Charnay signpost, turn left onto the paved road towards Le Perret.
After Les Étrets, leave the road and continue straight on the dirt path.
At the Perret signpost, at the end of the path, turn left onto the road towards Petit Étang Chabodière and follow it for about 1 km.
In the bend, keep right towards the village. Upon arriving at the village, turn left to reach the church.
At the Le Plantay signpost, turn left towards La Tour to return to the starting point.

The Walking Route

Starting Point

Parking des randonneurs


6,5 km

Approximate Time



Easy – 57% Paved


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