Nette Rousse sur un étang de la DombesNette Rousse sur un étang de la Dombes
©Nette Rousse |Michael Zeilfelder

Walk around the Chardonnet Pond

Walk in Dombes

A pleasant walk typical of the Dombes region.

A walking route in Dombes with a high concentration of ponds. The view of the ponds is clear, and you will encounter a variety of birds (swans, grey herons, great crested grebes…). The walk is punctuated by several landscapes: ponds, fields, groves, and even a view of the Beaujolais. Mostly on asphalt but with very little car traffic, as you are on secondary roads, this walk is suitable for strollers and mountain bikes.


Walk in Sainte Olive

Accessible for MTB

6.5 km Walk in Dombes
The parking is located at the place called Le Château

Stage 1
Take the road from the castle towards Étang Guillard. Walk along the nursery ponds and arrive at Étang Guillard.
Turn left towards Étang Chardonnet and reach a trail junction (Étang Guillard signpost).

Stage 2
Turn left, still heading towards Étang Chardonnet, and follow the dirt path to Carronnes. Turn right and follow the path. Pass by la ferme des Mûres and Étang Chardonnet.

Stage 3
Continue to the right until you reach la Micholière.

At the La Micholière signpost, turn right and follow the path. Reach the bank of Étang de la Culatte and a small wood. Enter the wood and follow the path.
Turn right after the houses and arrive at Étang Platon.

Walk along the bank of Étang Platon, then along the bank of Étang Guillard.
Return to the junction you passed earlier.

Retrace the path you took earlier to return to the parking lot.

The Walking Route

Starting Point

Parking Lieu dit “Le Château”


5,5 km

Approximate Time



Easy – 62% Asphalt

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