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©Thou sur le circuit de l'étang du Grand Birieux|Michael Zeilfelder

Walk from Grand Birieux pond

Walk in Dombes

Walking Circuit in Dombes

A hiking trail between Saint-Marcel and the Espace Naturel Sensible of the Grand Birieux pond. Don’t forget your binoculars!

Circuit of Birieux

and its observatory

11.5 km walk in Dombes
This walking circuit through ponds partly follows the GR path.
The starting point is at the church square in St Marcel.

Step 1
Walk along the church and join the Birieux road. Continue on this road to exit the village and proceed to the crossroad.
At the cross, continue straight towards Birieux. Follow this road for about 2.3 km. It crosses typical Dombes landscapes such as fields, pastures, and small woods.
Continue straight towards the Grand Birieux pond. A first observation point is offered from the thou, on the Grand Birieux pond, on both sides of the road, with impressive bird gatherings depending on the season. Continue straight.

Step 2
Take the path on the right leading to the new observatory, then follow the trail through a small wood leading to the village of Birieux. Continue to the intersection with the D2 departmental road and cross it (be careful!). Continue straight.
At the direction signpost, turn right and follow the road, leaving the Poisolet pond on the left. After 700m, take the dirt path on the right and follow it to the D2 departmental road. Turn left and follow the D2. A beautiful view is offered at the La Levée pond.

Step 3
After about 700m, turn right. Follow this road to the direction signpost.
At the “Le Boillet” signpost, continue straight towards the Pinozan pond. Follow the dirt path along the pond and through a small wood.
At the “Grand Bayet” signpost, take the paved road to the right towards the Grand Bertin pond. Continue straight to the crossroad. Turn left to return to the starting point.

Caution: Passage on the D2 departmental road for 700m.

The Hiking Route

Starting Point

Place de l’Eglise


11.5 km

Approximate Time



No difficulty – 80% paved