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Our desire to support you in the development of your activity is strong. More than ever, Dombes Tourisme must ensure, alongside you and with your support, its missions of welcoming, advising, promoting, and developing tourism.

5 good reasons

to become a partner

Joining Dombes Tourisme is primarily about increasing your visibility on the web and among vacationers. The Tourist Office records nearly 57,000 visitors on its website each year and more than 8,600 contacts on social networks and newsletters. That’s over 65,000 visitors potentially interested in your offer! That’s a lot of potential customers! Additionally, by becoming a partner of Dombes Tourisme, your offer gains visibility with our destination magazine distributed at the Bird Park, in off-site receptions with the truck, and with all our tourism providers and Tourist Offices of the Grande Dombes.

The entire team of travel advisors promotes your offer and will direct visitors’ requests and desires to your services in the best possible way. But, Dombes Tourisme is not just about visibility, and we agree that OTAs are more effective… So here are 5 other good reasons to join the Tourist Office.

Ensemble on est plus fort...

The tourism market is an ecosystem of stakeholders. Our mission is to network all these stakeholders. Our partner cafes, season openings and closings, and discovery days are opportunities for you to discuss with your colleagues and compare your daily practices.

Attirer votre clientèle locale

Between events, the promotion of walking routes, and off-site reception operations, Dombes Tourisme has sought to develop local tourism and get closer to residents. This concerns you because these actions help increase tourist traffic in the area.

Une photothèque et une vidéothèque à disposition

All year round, Dombes Tourisme produces attractive photo and video content in-house, which is distributed across its various digital communication tools (Social Networks / Web / Newsletters…). By becoming a partner, you gain access to a selection of photos and videos that you can distribute on your own web and print media.

Profiter d'une mine d'informations

Dombes Tourisme provides its partners with reliable and verified information to share with their clients: event calendars, sites open out of season… A real plus to ensure the satisfaction and positive feedback of your clients!

In addition, our professional space contains valuable information that will help you create your tourism project or develop your activities. You also have access to webinars, E-Tourism days, training…

Votre succès, notre priorité

If we meet you during your “project” phase, we will do our utmost to advise you on the design of your offer, on the gaps and needs identified in the area so that your new accommodation/activity/restaurant enriches the range of offers to promote. Your success thus contributes to ours, and vice versa. There is a great win-win relationship to build here.

Workshops and days

dedicated to Professionals

Dombes Tourisme offers you digital workshops and others, discovery days, and partner cafes throughout the year where conviviality and efficiency combine…
These events are dedicated to you as part of your partnership.

Discover the program!


Dombes Tourisme regularly supports and informs you about current regulations.

Link Exchange

To complement our partnership, we encourage you to integrate an outbound link to our website on your own website.

These link exchanges help to develop traffic on our respective sites.
For even more effectiveness, we recommend integrating the following phrase: “Discover all the tourist treasures of the Dombes on”and optionally inserting our logo with a clickable link.

Any questions? Need help with this process? Do not hesitate to contact Clara

Packaged offer

"Park + Accommodation"

The Bird Park, in partnership with Dombes Tourisme, launched in June 2020 the sale, on its website, of a package “entry to the park + accommodation”.

The goal is to make the Dombes a true short-stay destination and to promote the accommodations in the area.

The Bird Park is equipped with a marketing software allowing it to sell this packaged offer, and Dombes Tourisme supports the hosts in this new project by helping them technically join the project and by assisting them with digital (website, SEO, social networks…).

This project is the first step of a collaboration with the Bird Park and an opportunity to highlight the Dombes, improve its reputation, and encourage visitors to extend their stay in Dombes…

An initial information meeting took place in February 2020.

If you are a host and interested in this marketing method, contact Dombes Tourisme. We will give you all the details!

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