Où pêcher en Dombes ?Canne à pêche
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Where to fish in the Dombes?

Fishing pond

Looking for a pond to fish in Dombes?

Find here a selection of fishing spots in Dombes.

Fishing takes place in dedicated ponds, with or without no kill (fish are released back into the pond after being caught). Contact the owner for further information.



Carpe des étangs de la DombesCarpe des étangs de la Dombes
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Where can I buy a fishing licence ?

Fishing cards in Dombes

Where to buy your fishing cards in Châtillon-sur-Chalaronne?

  • Maison de la presse
    04 74 55 05 86
    104, place de la République
  • GAMM VERT Chatillon
    04 74 55 00 10
    Route de Belleville ZI SUD


You can also buy peach cards at Neuville-les-Dames :

    04 74 55 70 86
    186, Grande rue
    480, Rue de la Bresse
    04 74 55 62 10

Where to find fishing cards in Villars-les-Dombes?

  • GAMM VERT Villars
    04 74 98 33 15
    ZI Le Colombier


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