Hébergement insolite cabanes sur l'eau au Domaine de la DombesHébergement insolite cabanes sur l'eau au Domaine de la Dombes
Hébergement insolite cabanes sur l'eau au Domaine de la Dombes|Domaine de la Dombes

La Dombes

Moments That Resonate



In Dombes, all the sounds are in nature—birdsong, children’s laughter, evening concerts…



A symphony of memories at

Bird Park

Emotions by Nature

Observe birds from around the world and local wildlife, attend the most beautiful bird show in flight, enjoy children’s activities up close with animals, savor local specialties, support endangered species protection programs, and share nature emotions at Europe’s largest bird park!
Let yourself be carried away by the flight of birds, a true fireworks display of colors and grace… A unique event made possible by a great diversity of species and passionate caretakers!

Meet the Rainbow Lorikeets, hundreds of lively, playful, and greedy little parrots… Armed with a cup of nectar in your hand, they will perch to enjoy the precious drink. A colorful experience!

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A concerto of rare moments in the

Heart of Dombes

The Dombes, its thousand ponds and its medieval city

In the heart of the land of a thousand ponds, the Dombes offers varied and original landscapes. Whether for a weekend or a few days, take a break from the hectic pace of your weeks, pause to enjoy the simple pleasures of life… Sleep in a cabin, a guest house, a charming hotel, or a cottage in the middle of nature, savor our local products, meet passionate men and women with unique professions…
During a walk, contemplate the tranquility of the ponds, their birds, and uncover their secrets…
Attend a show, stroll through the lively stalls of the Châtillon-sur-Chalaronne market on Saturday morning.
Breathe in, breathe out… You are in the Dombes!
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To the rhythm of history in


Welcome to Trévoux, a Principality in Nature!

Trévoux, labeled one of the Most Beautiful Detours in France and the heart of the Pays d’Art et d’Histoire Trévoux Dombes-Saône Vallée, has inherited a prestigious past as the capital of the former Principality of Dombes.
Stroll through the alleys of the medieval town, admire the decorations of the audience hall of the Parliament of Dombes, bear the arms of the knights, and enjoy the superb panorama from the top of the keep of the Château de Trévoux.
Discover the museums and meet passionate artists and artisans.
Navigate, move around, and engage in various leisure activities along La Voie Bleue, Moselle-Saône by bike.
Just a stone’s throw away, don’t miss the village of Ars, known worldwide thanks to Jean-Marie Vianney, the Holy Curé of Ars. Every year, nearly 350,000 pilgrims converge on the sanctuary of Ars, drawn by the story of the Holy Curé, patron of all parish priests worldwide. The wax museum recounts the significant moments of the Curé’s life in 17 scenes and 35 wax figures, renovated by the Grévin workshops. Take the opportunity to also discover the Château de Fléchères and its Italian frescoes from 1632.
More than a visit, an encounter!

Discover Trévoux and Ars sur Formans

Feel the sound of the Carillon in

La Dombes Côtière

La Dombes Côtière, a land with three faces

La Dombes Côtière, where three landscapes unfold along the water to the Rhône canals. Three landscapes in blue and green make La Dombes Côtière a prime nature destination.
1 – The Plateau: as far as the eye can see
From the Dombes ponds to the breathtaking viewpoint overlooking La Côtière, the Plateau stands out for its natural richness and distinctive identity. At the edge of the Plateau, above La Côtière, stands the Madone, a monumental statue dominating a remarkable panorama open to all of Rhône-Alpes. Below, the campanile houses a carillon of 50 bells classified as a Historic Monument. Listen to it without moderation every summer during the Swing Under the Stars festival or concerts.

2- La Côtière: a cascade of greenery
La Côtière, heavily wooded, offers walkers a great opportunity to discover a protected natural area known for its fauna and flora. La Côtière is also marked by the water that flows through it and feeds it. On a hiking trail, search for many torrents and water sources, fountains, and washhouses…

3- The Plain: a source of activities
At the foot of La Côtière, the Plain was shaped in the 19th century by the construction of the Miribel and Jonage canals, which enabled the development of a true industrial basin. Today, between these two canals lies one of Europe’s largest metropolitan parks: the Grand Parc Miribel Jonage. You can enjoy numerous activities here, whatever your tastes or desires. Nature lovers: discover the environment at L’îloz’ space, observe birds from the Grands Vernes viewpoint…
Hiking enthusiasts: explore the Park and its surroundings via hiking trails, mountain biking circuits, or the ViaRhôna.

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La Côtière to Montluel

From La Côtière to Montluel, a nature corner at the gates of La Dombes

Stroll through Costellane land, at the gateway to La Dombes and just a stone’s throw from Lyon. La Côtière in Montluel invites you to take your time. Let yourself be charmed by its nature, perfect for walking, cycling, or horseback riding. Nearly 90 km of trails, offering a great variety of landscapes, await you: from the Dombes ponds to the Pizay woods or through the Balan channels, former arms of the Rhône with exceptional fauna and flora.
Discover a wide range of activities according to your desires: hiking, biking, mountain biking, fishing, horseback riding, theater, cinema…
Explore the local heritage and nature between lakes and rivers. La Côtière will reveal the secret paths of La Dombes with its ponds and woods, perfect for walks, harboring diverse fauna and flora.
Various events enliven our towns throughout the year: Contes en Côtière Festival, Night of Music, Montluel Fair… and much more!
To fully enjoy your stay in our area, our hosts welcome you in their hotels, guesthouses, cottages, campsites, and unusual accommodations all year round.
You can also take a gourmet break in the restaurants and taste the specialties of the Dombes region!

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