Journee peche etang de la Dombes (Ain)Tri poisson lors d'une pêche d'étang en Dombes

the Fish Farming Industry

In Dombes, an entire ecosystem revolves around the ponds. From the hatchery manager to the fish farmer, and from the processor to the restaurateur, many professions make up the industry.
In recent years, artisans have also joined this industry by working on carp leather.
The Dombes and its thousand ponds… a whole world to discover.

The Professions

Little fish will grow big…

The hatchery manager: practices fish hatching to supply pond operators with fry, future Dombes fish.
The fish farmer (or owner): is responsible for monitoring pond production, maintaining the pond to promote production, and preserving the infrastructure.
The collector: collects the fish from the pond, stores it before selling it to a processor, a fishing company, or for export.

From pond… to plate

The processor: ensures the transformation of fish for consumption (prepared whole fish, sliced steaks, fillets, goujonettes, making rillettes, mousse, or other preparations).
The distributor: farm shop or supermarket, it ensures the sale of finished products to consumers.
The restaurateur: through their cuisine, reveals the Dombes fish with recipes ranging from traditional to unexpected.

The Association


The Association for the Promotion of Pond Fish from the Dombes (APPED), brings together the different actors in the industry to federate and support any project that can be useful for the development of fish farming in the Dombes. The association organizes events throughout the year to showcase the Dombes fish.
It is the origin of the Poissons de Dombes® brand which:

Guarantees traceability from pond to plate
Ensures a quality product while preserving the environment
Ensures the sustainability of the fish farming industry

Discover the

Cuir de carpe de Dombes ®

About ten years ago, APPED challenged local artisans to work with carp leather!
Since then, many items have been created:

Books with carp leather covers
Wallets or purses
Glasses cases
Knife sheaths
And recently: coasters or phone cases
There is no shortage of choices!
A brand Cuir de carpe de Dombes also emerged.
Many artisans and retailers offer these products for sale:

Amarande G
APPED / Cuir de carpe online shop
Domino Bookstore/Stationery
Epic Sellerie
So don’t hesitate, treat yourself to a Made in Dombes product!

Amarande G et le Cuir de Carpe de Dombes
Amarande G et le Cuir de Carpe de Dombes
Amarande G et le Cuir de Carpe de Dombes
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