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l'Etang du Grand Birieux

Located in the heart of Dombes, within the Natura 2000 area, and classified as a departmental Sensitive Natural Area (ENS) since 2014, the Etang du Grand Birieux domain covers an area of 148 hectares. It comprises agricultural and forest parcels but primarily consists of a pond that represents 63% of the domain, or 94 hectares.

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Le Grand Birieux

It is the largest pond in Dombes, which has over 1,000 ponds. It is a major site for the wintering of waterfowl and the breeding of many other species.
This site, owned by the French Office for Biodiversity (OFB), is a study area for both the OFB’s Directorate of Research and Expertise and other organizations. However, the domain does not benefit from strict protection status, allowing various activities to be practiced there, including hunting, fish farming, and agricultural activities. Some of these activities generate income that contributes to the site’s management.

This site hosts a wide variety of bird species. Many ducks spend the winter here, including teals, pintails, and various pochards. Hundreds of greylag geese regularly gather here. Several protected insects, such as the Marsh Copper (butterfly) and the Large White-faced Darter (dragonfly), are present.

Visitors can enjoy an observatory (built in 2021) to admire the many species present on the pond without disturbing them.

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Grand Birieux

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