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Etang Prêle

Crowned with greenery and reeds, Etang Prêle offers a magnificent natural landscape. Discovering it allows you to enjoy the natural treasures of the Dombes.

Two picnic tables await you on-site.

What to see at

Etang Prêle ?

An observatory in the heart of nature

Covering an area of 12.7 hectares, it features an observatory that allows visitors to contemplate the biodiversity of the pond, including great crested grebes, black-headed gulls, grey herons, and egrets.
An interpretive trail allows you to walk around the pond.

More than thirty species of birds are regularly observed on the site, including the Little Egret, the White Stork, and the Great Crested Grebe. Note the presence of the Palmate Newt among other amphibian species.

In terms of flora, the vegetation is varied and mainly composed of rushes, phragmites, and reed beds. Several species of significant interest are present, including Celery-leaved Buttercup and Brown Sedge.

More broadly, Etang Prêle represents a significant piscicultural management challenge which, like other Dombes ponds, helps maintain suitable places for migratory stops and the reproduction of water birds.

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