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Find in this section the essential tools provided by Dombes Tourisme: Key figures, Apidae, photo library, monitoring…
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White Paper of Tourism in Ain


The ambition of the Department, shared with all tourism stakeholders, is set for the coming years!
To develop a sustainable and competitive tourism economy by strengthening the offer of short stays and the reputation of the destination: this is the new ambition shared with the public and private tourism actors of Ain, which has resulted in the development of a pragmatic and bold strategy.

In a highly competitive sector, sensitive to crises and subject to profound changes, tourism remains a major pillar of Ain’s economy.
The new policy will revolve around three guiding principles:

# SUSTAINABILITY because it generates employment, respects the environment, balances the territory, improves the living environment of residents, and is accessible to all.

# ECONOMY as a whole, requiring support to cope with major societal changes in employment, mobility, accessibility, energy, and supported by large-scale structural investments.

# COMPETITIVENESS to better face competition by relying on Ain’s 10 fields of excellence: Cycling, Golf, Hiking, Four-season Mountains, Gastronomy, Agritourism, Craftsmanship, Historical Sites and Exceptional Villages, Natural Water & Landscape Areas, Business Tourism…


Key Figures


The platform Apidae is a data warehouse, used to collaboratively manage tourist information for all the territories covered by the project (Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, Charentes, Occitanie, Ile de France, PACA and New Caledonia).
In 2020, the Apidae platform hosts more than 363,712 object sheets updated daily by more than 1,336 clients. The network now includes 23 departments, 1 overseas community, and more than 24,793 platform users.

This platform allows the entry, storage, and exploitation of tourist information to inform customers about the offer of destinations within the network. This information is distributed at the reception, by phone or email, and/or used to feed the digital projects of community members (web and mobile sites, interactive terminals, information panels, publications…).
Today, more than 2500 projects rely on the platform.

But Apidae Tourisme is not just a platform, it is also a network of actors grouped into communities and a service ecosystem…

Apidae Event

Are you organizing an event (concert, exhibition, show, gastronomic or sports event, etc.) and want it to appear on the Dombes Tourisme website (www.dombes-tourisme.com) and on any other site powered by Apidae (www.ccdombes.fr, www.aintourisme.com, www.ain.planetekiosque.com…)? We invite you to fill out the form available on our website.

In summary:

– You fill it out
– We review and validate it
– It is published

Depending on the websites, not all events will be visible: the editorial line may restrict publications, either thematically or geographically. Religious, political events and those not respecting current laws will not be validated by our teams in accordance with the Apidae charter.

Apidae Event - Vous organisez un événement en Dombes ?
Apidae Event - Vous organisez un événement en Dombes ?
Apidae Event - Vous organisez un événement en Dombes ?

Apidae Widgets

From the information referenced in the Apidae platform, the widgets allow you to display lists (accommodations, hikes…) without IT knowledge or heavy investment. An ideal marketing tool for tourism professionals or institutions, whose sites are sometimes a bit static.

In 2018, a new widget platform, developed by Hotentic, was launched. New features, ease of use, statistics, contemporary design… this platform has everything to please!

Do you want to integrate a widget on your website? Contact Claire,in charge of Apidae at Dombes Tourisme.

Find all the information about these widgets on the Apidae Tourisme website.

Finding Photos

libres de droit

Need photos?
There are many websites with free and royalty-free photos to download.
However, be careful with copyright (photographer) and image rights (models)… if in doubt, it’s best to refrain.

Find here the 25 best royalty-free photo sites.

Voices of Actors


The Dombes Tourisme team monitors for you!

Find here tourist articles, training, and videos that we provide to inform and help you develop your activity.

Les webséminaires


Webinars to learn everything about digital!
Since 2019, Aintourisme has been offering webinars regularly, in partnership with Isère Attractivité and supported by the Inst’Ain Numériques collective.

These webinars are for tourism professionals in Ain.

Les webséminaires

de Trajectoires Tourisme

Trajectoires Tourisme is the training organization for tourism professionals in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

The Trajectoires Tourisme collective brings together several member structures that work together daily to support your transformation and training projects:

  • Departmental Federations and Unions of Tourist Offices in Isère, Loire, and Savoie
  • Tourism Development Agencies in Ardèche and Drôme
  • The professionalization service of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Tourisme, the regional tourism agency

Throughout the year, they offer interactive conferences.
These free events allow you to explore, in 1 hour and with an expert, subjects related to training themes and tourism sector issues.

Sites de veille

Dombes Tourisme has selected several tourism monitoring websites for you.
You will find blog articles, tourist information, statistical data, and information on tourism trends…

Veille Info Tourisme: A monitoring and information selection site on the tourism sector in France and internationally. It collects and organizes articles, data, analyses, and opinions from all types of sources, whether public or private.
Etourisme Info: Every day an article on e-tourism: from tourist offices, tourism promotion organizations, private travel actors.
Veille Tourisme: An organization specializing in strategic tourism monitoring. Its mission is to identify, collect, analyze, and disseminate information on trends.
L’Echo Touristique: Find the latest news on tourism for professionals with L’Echo Touristique: travel agencies, GDS, tour operators.

Visual identity

Logo Dombes Tourisme

At the end of 2023, Dombes Tourisme revamped its visual identity.

The newly created logo aims to convey an image of nature, relaxation, and escape.

Would you like to integrate it into your publications or websites? Feel free to download it!


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