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Where to see birds in Dombes?

Birdwatching in the Dombes region is made possible by the five observatories set up on the banks of the ponds.

These sites are entirely dedicated to the observation and discovery of birds.

The observatories are open 24/7, and are located mainly on ponds classified as “Espace Naturel Sensible de la Dombes”.

There are a number of walking trails to help you discover these sites, so don’t forget your binoculars!

L’observatoire de l’étang du Grand Birieux

Just 6 km from the Parc des Oiseaux, the Etang du Grand Birieux is one of the largest and most prestigious ponds in the Dombes.
It is home to many species of birds, which can be observed from the new observatory, due to be built in 2021.

Located in the heart of the Dombes region, in the middle of a Natura 2000 zone, classified Espace Naturel Sensible (ENS) départemental since 2014, the Etang du Grand Birieux estate covers an area of 148 ha and is home to a wide variety of bird species.

Please respect the site and the protected fauna present by remaining discreet. Please do not bring your pets into the observatories.

L’observatoire de l’étang Prêle

On the commune of Valeins, crowned with greenery and reeds, Etang Prêle offers a magnificent natural landscape and allows you to enjoy the natural riches of the Dombes.

A parking lot and two picnic tables await you on site.

Discover with your family the riddle game Panique à l’étang Prêle, sold at the Office de Tourisme de Châtillon.

Les observatoires de l’étang Chapelier

Take the time to birdwatch on the commune of Versailleux with thetwo observatories located along the Chapelier pond. Two picnic tables have also been set up by the pond.

L’étang Chapelier is home to numerous bird species likely to nest or make a migratory stopover on the pond, such as scaups and scaups, grebes, coots, herons and other egrets.
This large pond, with a strong fish farming vocation, also plays an important role in the network of large Dombist ponds.

L’observatoire du domaine de Vernange

On the commune of Monthieux, discover the Grange Volet pond on the Vernange estate. Throughout the seasons, the site is home to numerous species of migratory birds (limicolous species, purple herons…).

On this site in the heart of the Dombes region, walkers can discover the diversity of the Dombes landscapes: the estate includes several ponds and wetlands associated with wooded and agricultural areas.


L’observatoire de l’étang Turlet

Located on the commune of Villars-les-Dombes, this observatory is very easily accessible. The pond is home to numerous species of birds including herons, egrets, ducks, swans…

The observatory, located opposite the Parc des Oiseaux, enables walkers and visitors to enjoy the wealth of Dombist avifauna.

The little extra: the location is ideal for watching sunsets over the pond.

Where are the observatories in Dombes?

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