Top 5 Dombes Specialties

Not to be missed
Restaurant en Dombes où manger des grenouillesRestaurant Les Platanes à la Chapelle du Châtelard
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Visiting the Dombes? Here are the 5 specialties of the Dombes that you absolutely must try to delight the gourmets among you!

1- Carp Goujonnettes

Carp Goujonnettes

A favorite of the locals, this dish is the pride of our region and one of our specialties!
The Dombes, land of ponds, is also a fishing ground where carp rules. Often overlooked by the general public, the Dombes restaurateurs have no shortage of imagination and creativity when it comes to fully exploiting all the flavors of this freshwater fish.

It can be sliced into thin strips and fried, to make carp goujonnettes, delicious nibbles to enjoy with a salad and a creamy Béarnaise sauce. And just like frogs, they make great finger food!

After just one taste, you will surely become a fan of this fish dish from the Dombes!

A snack to share, or to selfishly savor solo! (And who could blame you?)

2 - Frogs cooked Dombes-style

Frogs, a Dombes Tradition

Coming to the Dombes and not eating frogs would be like going to Bresse and not eating Bresse chicken… it’s a must-try dish in any season!
Frogs, once abundant in our ponds, contribute to the gastronomic fame of the land of a thousand ponds.

Traditional in the Dombes and in France, “frogs cooked Dombes-style” are enjoyed with family or friends on Sunday afternoons at restaurants of the Dombes region.

Cooked with gaude flour, Bresse butter, garlic, and parsley, they’re a pleasure to eat with your fingers, which you’ll then have to lick to make sure you don’t miss any!

The Dombes restaurateurs are better than anyone else at cooking this flagship French dish.

Once abundant in the Dombes, frogs have become rare and the summer ritual of harvesting them has been banned. While waiting for the Dombes frog farms to supply, they come fresh or alive from Turkey.

Where to eat frogs in the Dombes?

Where to Eat Carp Goujonnettes?

3- Carp Rillettes

Fished and Made in the Dombes

A snack made in the Dombes!
For an original and light appetizer, we recommend carp rillettes generously spread on a slice of bread. (Or better still, toast!)

For a perfect food and wine pairing, serve your canapés with a dry white wine such as Roussette du Bugey. That should impress your guests!

Our favorite: Carp rillettes with green pepper and orange zest, a Dombes specialty to be consumed without moderation!

Honorable Mention

Carp Sausage

The restaurants of the Dombes are never short of ideas to introduce you to the emblematic fish of our ponds.

For fans of gastronomy and originality, make a detour to the restaurant Les Platanes in La Chapelle du Chatelard and indulge in the carp sausage prepared by Chef Serge Malapel.

An elaborate, refined, and above all, gourmet dish!

4- Musculine

A Specialty from Notre-Dame des Dombes Abbey

To give you strength and energy to spare, try the famous Musculine by Dr. Guichon, a fruit paste with energy-boosting properties.
Ideal for high-level athletes, elderly people, and those in convalescence or simply tired, Musculine is produced exclusively at Notre-Dame des Dombes Abbey because only the monks knew the secret of its manufacture. This Dombes specialty is particularly appreciated by connoisseurs.

Without giving you the recipe, we can reveal its mysterious ingredients: apples, quinces, honey, sugar, but also dried beef! Yes, that’s what makes it so rich and very high in protein.

A delicacy to be found in the Abbey shop in Le Plantay.

5- Pérouges Galette

A Gourmet Galette

The best pastry in the Dombes is undoubtedly the Pérouges galette! A must-try!
It’s the specialty of the medieval town of Pérouges!

Did you know that Pérouges galette has been a culinary specialty since 1912 and is also a registered trademark! Today, it is also bears the “Saveurs de l’Ain” quality label.

This famous galette can be enjoyed with a glass of cider or Cerdon (a specialty of Bugey), as you wander through the picturesque streets of Pérouges.

Discover Pérouges and its galette

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